About Luscious™

We believe in going ‘Beyond Nutrition’ with our products.
Luscious™ CPJs are organic & cold pressed. They’re made fresh every day and delivered right to your doorstep

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About Luscious™

At Luscious, we believe everything begins with respecting the natural processes of our bodies and nature. And so, our fruits and vegetables are sourced seasonally from local and organic farmers, preserving the local economy and micro eco-systems.

We use the Cold Pressed Technique to slowly juice our ingredients, thus preserving enzymes and nutrients in their active states. Standard blending processes generate enough heat to kill most of the nutrition you believe you’re getting. We use technology involving a UV tunnel and hand held UV devices that sanitize and decontaminate all the raw produce and production equipment, including surfaces and bottles. Thus, we’re able to eradicate contaminants while keeping your juices fresh, clean, sanitized and safe.

Ultimately, whether you’re looking for a daily supplement or a seasonal reboot, our clean, fresh, safe and innovative drinks will serve you well! Our juices have shown positive results via increased energy levels, glowing skin, sharper thinking and an inner vitality that reflects in the overall personality.

Cold Press Juices


Cold press is a unique style of juicing, where the core nutrients of the fruits and vegetables are retained in the juice.


Using pressure, the juicer slowly squeezes the juice out of the vegetables and fruits retaining all the enzymes and vitamins in the juice.


The vitamins and nutrients are retained in the juice making it healthier for you! No heat is used in the process, making it nutrition rich.

Luscious™ Products

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